Pelican Hospitality

Pelican Hospitality is a distinguished hospitality company dedicated to redefining luxury through unparalleled guest experiences. Known for its exquisite hotels and resorts, Pelican Hospitality combines impeccable service with sophisticated amenities, creating memorable stays for discerning travellers.
Brand & Brief
Brand Film

The Process:

In crafting Pelican Hospitality's brand film, our agency meticulously conceptualized, shot, and edited a captivating walk-through. Our process involved understanding the essence of Pelican Hospitality—translating their commitment to exceptional food and exponential growth into a visual narrative. We conducted thorough planning, ensuring each frame reflected the brand's values and dedication.

Our Value-Add:

Our value lies in capturing Pelican Hospitality authentically. Beyond visual aesthetics, our creative agency ensured the walk-through film portrayed the heart of the brand, emphasizing the soulful connection between Pelican Hospitality, its clients, and the culinary journey. The result is a compelling brand film that not only showcases the state-of-the-art central kitchen but also communicates the passion and dedication behind 10,000 meals a day.