Miror is Femtech company that uses AI/ML enabled technology to scale up medically backed solutions for a woman going through her menopausal journey, which can consume up to 1/3 of her lifespan. Miror works overtime to lift the stigma surrounding it and build awareness about the symptoms, the obstacles and the medically proven solutions whilst building a community of like-minded women.
Brand & Brief
Brand Film - English & Vernacular

The Process:

Crafting Miror's brand film, our agency seamlessly blended videography with powerful storytelling. We conceptualized, shot, and edited a compelling narrative that resonated with Miror's vision. The process involved meticulous planning to capture the essence of their FemTech innovation. Notably, we delivered two versions – English and Kannada – showcasing our adeptness in creating impactful vernacular content to reach diverse audiences.

Our Value-Add:

Our commitment as videographers goes beyond visuals; we aim to represent brands brilliantly. Creating Miror's brand film, we ensured their story was not only powerful but resonated in multiple languages, broadening their reach. By seamlessly transitioning between English and Kannada versions, we demonstrated our versatility in delivering impactful content tailored to diverse audiences, further enhancing Miror's brand representation through our lens.