Jar is a daily savings & investment app that lets you automate savings & investments. It Invests spare change from your online transactions into digital gold, automatically. Jar is the 1st made in Indian app to come up with an innovative solution to save money daily effectively.
Brand & Brief

The Process:

Capturing the essence of Rameshwaram Cafe's unique leadership, our podcast shoot for JarXchange delved beyond the culinary narrative. We meticulously planned and executed interviews, unraveling the untold story of Founder CA Divya Raghavendra Rao, the woman steering the cafe's financial helm. Our process emphasized authenticity, allowing the personality and values of Rameshwaram Cafe's leadership to shine through, creating a compelling episode that transcended the traditional podcast format.

Our Value-Add:

As a creative agency, our value extends beyond conventional podcast production. We spotlighted the unexplored narrative, bringing JarXchange's audience an intimate look at the woman behind Rameshwaram Cafe's financial decisions. Our approach blends storytelling with authenticity, creating an engaging podcast that goes beyond the surface, providing a unique perspective on business leadership and values in India's ever-evolving commercial landscape.