Barely Opinionated

Barely Opinionated is a new-age media platform that shares facts and promotes discussion & dialogue for a more inclusive society. They make up the largest community of thinkers in India.
Brand & Brief
Media Company 2023

The Process:

In crafting the 10th episode of Barely Opinionated featuring RJ Jimmy, our agency expertly shot and edited a dynamic videocast. We meticulously covered the show, capturing the essence of RJ Jimmy's 20-year journey as a well-renowned Radio Jockey. The process involved careful planning to highlight insightful discussions and foster a deeper connection with Barely Opinionated's commitment to inclusivity and dialogue.

Our Value-Add:

Our creative agency's value shines in transforming discussions into an engaging videocast. Beyond coverage, we added value by seamlessly blending visuals and narrative, enhancing the episode's impact. By capturing RJ Jimmy's story with finesse, we contributed to Barely Opinionated's mission of fostering dialogue within India's largest community of thinkers, elevating the show's reach and resonance.