The Hub Bengaluru

The Hub Bengaluru is a dynamic media house targeting the 18-32 age group. It is renowned for its fun and engaging content, especially in vox pop and giveaway formats. Our mission is to amplify our impact on the world while maintaining our unique vibe.

Brand & Brief

Social Media Management, Content Creation, Viral Campaigns, IP Creation, Videography, Feed Aesthetic Planning, Influencer Management




New Age Media House

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The Process:  

Fueling The Hub Bengaluru's ascent, our journey commenced with strategic social media management and dynamic content creation. Viral campaigns and exclusive IP creations injected vibrancy, captivating the youth-centric audience. Meticulous videography and feed aesthetic planning laid the foundation for a compelling brand narrative. Seamless influencer integration and curated events amplified engagement. Over two years, our collaborative efforts transformed The Hub Bengaluru from a concept to India's fastest-growing new age media house, fostering a community of 131k followers. Our commitment to creating resonant and engaging content paved the way for their meteoric rise in the entertainment landscape.

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The Value-Add:

Beyond management, we sculpted an immersive online experience. Social media mastery, dynamic content, and strategic influencer collaborations crafted an influential online presence. Unique IP creations and gamified content fueled excitement. Success wasn't just measured in numbers; it's the depth of engagement that defines us. Building a youth-centric community from 0 to 131k in two years showcased our dedication. As The Hub Bengaluru emerged as India's fastest-growing new age media house, our agency's value resonates in our ability to create compelling, trend-setting content that captivates and sustains an enthusiastic and expansive audience.

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