Game Duels

GAMEDUELS is India's favourite platform for real-money gaming tournaments and free-to-play casual games. It provides a platform to dive into live multiplayer tournaments and showcase gaming skills on both Android and iOS devices.

Brand & Brief

Social Media Management, Content Creation, Viral Campaigns, IP Creation, Videography, Feed Aesthetic Planning, Influencer Integration





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The Process:  

Transforming GameDuels into a gaming sensation, our journey kicked off with strategic social media management and dynamic content creation. Viral campaigns and exclusive IP creations injected excitement, captivating audiences. With meticulous videography and feed aesthetic planning, we set the stage for a compelling brand narrative. Seamless influencer integration and curated events amplified engagement. Notably, our innovative approach GAME-FIED the content through playful IP creations, fostering rapid growth. In just three months, we propelled their gaming community from 0 to 10k people, showcasing the power of our comprehensive services in building and engaging a thriving audience.

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The Value-Add:

Our agency's prowess goes beyond management—we orchestrate an immersive user experience. Social media mastery, dynamic content creation, and strategic influencer collaborations crafted a vibrant online presence. We elevated the gaming journey by uniquely gamifying GameDuels content through playful IP creations, resonating deeply with the audience. Success isn't just measured in numbers; it's the depth of engagement that defines us. By rapidly growing GameDuels' community from scratch, we demonstrated our commitment to creating content that not only attracts but deeply engages, fostering a loyal and enthusiastic gaming community.

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