SAGE, a bespoke culinary company, blends sabor and creativity to curate surprising culinary adventures. Dedicated to Sustainable Appetising Gourmet Experiences, SAGE not only delights with its earthy flavours but also embraces a conscious connection with the earth, bringing a harmonious and flavourful dining experience to the table.
Brand & Brief
Brand Identity Guideline with Logo, Brand Storytelling and Packaging
Bespoke Catering (Food and Beverages)
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The Process:  

SAGE's culinary tale unfolded through collaborative brand storytelling, guiding our brand identity creation. Meticulous product nomenclature breathed life into their offerings, forging an emotional connection. Crafting a visually delectable journey, our team seamlessly translated this essence into bespoke packaging design. With brand guideline creation as the compass, SAGE's identity became a harmonious symphony, resonating across touch points. The culmination? An identity so potent, that the owner contemplated tattooing one of the logos—a testament to the deeply personal connection forged through our strategic branding process.

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The Value-Add :

At the heart of our contribution lies a symbiotic fusion of strategy and creativity. Beyond brand identity and guideline creation, our strategic brand storytelling elevated SAGE's narrative, enhancing brand loyalty. Through product nomenclature, we curated a linguistic feast, amplifying engagement. The bespoke packaging design served as a visual feast, aligning seamlessly with SAGE's culinary excellence. Our agency's unique value shines through, as SAGE's owner considers immortalizing our creative journey with an indelible logo tattoo—a true testament to the profound impact of our collaborative branding efforts.

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