Recove was born from a visionary goal to revolutionize waste management in India by unlocking the unseen value of waste and transforming it to wealth.
Brand & Brief
Revolutionising waste management in India
Waste management
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The Process:

Through a series of meeting with the client, extensive brain storming sessions, we arrived at a name that represented that band ‘Recove’

The name stands out because it forms part of the larger word ‘Recover’ symbolising restoration and renewal.

Breaking it down further- Re signifies ‘reuce, reuse, recycle’ while ‘Cove’ refers to a bay. By combining these elements our goal was to convey the message of cloosing the loop, akin to a circular economy

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The Value-Add :

From ideating on the perfect name that captures the essence of the company, to developing their brand guide, we worked closely with the client to bring Recove to life. From their logo to their colour palette and visual assets which laid the foundation for the rest of their branding requirements, we strategised on the best ways to showcase the mission and build trust in the brand. Additionally we crafted a compelling visual deck to aid in pitching to partners and potential investors.

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