Padel Park

Founded in 2023, Padel Park was born from a profound love for Padel, a sport that artfully blends the excitement of tennis with the strategic play of squash.
Brand & Brief
Brand & Brief: Brand Identity Creation, Brand Film, Website Design & Development
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The Process:

Brand Identity and Tonality:

Our journey with Padel Park began by crafting a distinct brand identity and tonality that captured the essence of Padel Sport. We delved into the unique combination of athleticism and camaraderie that defines the sport, creating a visual and verbal language that resonated with the target audience.

Logo Design for Indian Padel Academy:

As an integral part of Padel Park, the Indian Padel Academy needed a logo that reflected its commitment to excellence in Padel Sport education. Our design seamlessly blended the academy's identity with Padel Park's overarching brand, reinforcing a cohesive brand narrative.

Brand Film Production:

Venturing to Bombay, we embarked on the ambitious task of conceptualising, shooting, and developing a brand film for Padel Park. The film showcased the myriad courts and positioned Padel Park as the premier Padel Sports ecosystem in India, poised to revolutionise racket sports across the nation.

Website Development:

From the ground up, we designed and developed Padel Park's website, integrating seamless court booking functionalities and detailing the company's four distinct business verticals. The website became a comprehensive hub, offering insights into Padel as a sport while providing a user-friendly interface for visitors to explore and engage with the Padel Park experience.

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The Value-Add :

Unified Brand Presence:

Our work established a unified brand presence for Padel Park, seamlessly integrating its various components – from the core brand identity to the Indian Padel Academy and the immersive brand film – ensuring a consistent and compelling narrative across all touch-points.

Enhanced User Experience:

The website we created not only showcased the facilities but also streamlined the user experience with integrated booking features. This added convenience empowered visitors to effortlessly engage with Padel Park's offerings, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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