Miror is Femtech company that uses AI/ML enabled technology to scale up medically backed solutions for a woman going through her menopausal journey, which can consume up to 1/3 of her lifespan. Miror works overtime to lift the stigma surrounding it and build awareness about the symptoms, the obstacles and the medically proven solutions whilst building a community of like-minded women.
Brand & Brief
Brand Storytelling, Product Nomenclature, Packaging Design, Logo Typography
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The Process:

In redefining Miror's brand, our journey began with immersive brand storytelling sessions, unravelling the essence of their femtech innovation. Crafting a compelling narrative laid the foundation for a cohesive identity. Next, meticulous product nomenclature curated a language that resonated with its audience, forging an emotional connection. Seamlessly, our design team translated this narrative into captivating packaging design and logo typography, ensuring a visually striking presence that communicated Miror's commitment to empowering women's health.

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The Value-Add:

Beyond conventional metrics, our agency prioritizes meaningful engagements, shaping Miror's narrative authentically. Social media mastery, content finesse, and strategic influencer partnerships synergized to spotlight Miror's femtech innovation. We pioneered viral campaigns and exclusive IP, ensuring resonance in digital spheres. Our holistic approach extended to videography, feed aesthetics, and curated events, forging connections beyond screens. By measuring success through engagements, not just followers, we ensured Miror's brand story resonated profoundly, establishing a lasting impact and authentic community engagement.

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